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How to Find a Work From Home Job

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Work from home may become an ideal condition to be your job. It provides flexibility and more freedom to workers.

In many cases, working from home is closely related to freelance workers.

But recently there are so much employees in many companies working remotely from home.

Remote-workers in US are increasing up to 159% from 2005-2017 according to FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics Report.

It won’t be any surprise anymore if in the future almost every jobs is worked remotely from home.

So are you one of the workers who is more comfortable or suitable to work from home?

If you say yes but don’t know how to get one of the work from home jobs, you come to the right place.

In this article we will explain:

  • How to change your current job work in the office to be worked from home
  • How to build a professional profile for unemployment to get work from home jobs
  • Where to find work from home jobs

Changing Current Job to be Worked from Home

Some of you may already have a job but are wanting work done from home.  If you want to work from home without looking for a new job, read this section carefully.  if you are unemployment, or maybe looking for other work from home jobs as additional income, you can skip this section.

First thing to understand is how compatible is your current job to be done remotely from home.

If you do most of your work using computer or mobile device, so maybe you can also do it from home. But compatible doesn’t mean to be allowed.

You have to convince your boss or supervisor in the first place. You can offer some trial arrangements, maybe 3 or 2 days a week. You better prepare a proposal for it.

The most important thing to tell in your proposal is how is this scheme benefit your company. How can this makes your job better? Is it increasing efficiency? How much it will save your company money?

It is better to explain what potential problems would come and how to address it with work from home you proposed.

Describe everything you need to make work from home can be done. Including how you will manage your responsibilities, which technology you need, how your supervisor or boss can do some assessment.

Building Professional Profile to Get Work From Home Job for Unemployment

Are you struggling to get real work from home job?

Are you a fresh graduated student?

If you are an unemployment who doesn’t have any work from home experience but looking for it, you have to read this.

Why is professional profile important? How can an unemployment build it?

Right after read this you will understand how it works.

First, work from home is no longer unusual. As the world becomes more interconnected, and more international, spread of technology is bridging gaps across the economic landscape.

Peoples are easily connected. At least everyone have smartphone in their hand.

We now in an economy of the 24/7 consumer, which means there must be someone else available on the other end of the transaction.

That’s where work-at-home jobs come into the picture. It’s no longer possible or desirable for companies to have all employees based in a central location. The ability to employ people on a remote basis frees employers of the need for costly physical space. And that’s where jobs from home enter the picture.

But which person the companies should hire for those jobs? Of course they will avoid to employ unskilled one. They need a right person to get the job.

The best way to do is improve your skill at voluntary projects.

Maximize your networking skills. From there you’ll get another opportunity to improve your professional profile.

How to get to where you want to go? Use LinkedIn to explore the possibilities. Look at the profiles of people who have the job you want. What skills, experience, and qualifications do they have that you presently don’t?

Once you’ve identified what you’re missing, you can fill the gap by upskilling yourself as appropriate. You might be just a class or a bootcamp away from your dream career.

Where to Find Your Dream Work From Home Job

If there are many companies hiring part time remotely work from home employees, so where you can find one?

Here some websites with most work from home hiring available:

If you are looking for part-time, flexible-schedule, or freelance work, this site will be really helpfull. FlexJobs isn’t free, but it researches the companies that provide its listings to verify that they’re legit – and promises a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your results. Although FlexJobs offers listings in Canada and overseas, you’ll find the most jobs if you’re looking for US-based companies.

CareerBuilder allows you to post up to five different resumes, which means that you can look for a variety of freelance jobs at the same time, or look for full-time work and part-time work simultaneously while testing the waters for a potential freelance career. To search for freelance jobs, add “freelance” or “part-time” to your search criteria.

Set up a profile and become a registered user, and Monster will send you listings geared toward your specific needs, or you can search their database of jobs. To find freelance jobs, include keywords like “freelance” or “part-time” in your search criteria. Monster allows users to apply directly to jobs from the site.

Craigslist is a solid choice for your hyper-local freelance job search. Go to your city’s site and then look at the jobs sidebar on the right-hand side of the screen. Select your industry and search by keyword (e.g. “freelance”) or go directly to the “part-time” listing at the bottom of the list.

For freelance jobs of even shorter duration, the “gigs” section at the very bottom of the right-hand side of the screen offers work that lasts the duration of a project.

Just beware of scams. Although it’s no longer free to post jobs on Craigslist, it’s still pretty cheap — as little as $25 per job, per category, in most cities.

Never give anyone your bank account number, social security number, or any other identifying personal information in order to get access to a listing or to apply for a gig.

Linked in

You’ve probably grown to think of LinkedIn’s service as a way to market yourself to full-time employers, but it’s also a great tool for freelancers.

Once you build your profile, including a clear, professional headshot, and relevant keywords to grab potential clients’ attention, you can start searching for freelance gigs by including the term “freelance” in your search terms.

Better yet, use the service to network with connections at companies who might need your services, and lay the foundation for a personal introduction to the manager who hires contractors.

Indeed allows you to search millions of job listings, freelance and otherwise, in your area by typing in your keywords and your geographic location. You can also set up email alerts to have freelance job listings sent directly to your inbox.

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