Cover Letter for Resume: How to Write The Effective One

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Cover letter is one of successful factors to get a job. Let’s talk about how to write cover letter for resume.

Sending resume for job applications is something you must do. While send the resume along with a cover letter is optional.

But cover letter will increase the possibility to get the job. Why? Here in this article we will explain it. Or you can read this simple but complete article: Is a cover letter necessary to apply for a job?

For some reason, some of you may be still need a better understanding about resume first, we recommend you to read how to write a resume. Or maybe you want a complete resume format guide.

If you have read those resume writing tutorial, so we are ready to explain how to write a cover letter.

What is cover letter?

It is a document used as a tool to help introduce yourself in job application. It is different from resume. Cover letter is more like an advertisement to make the fact you wrote on the resume more interesting.

Although cover letter has more flexible format than resume. It has the same condition like resume to tailoring the job ad. Plan the content based on the job requirement.

Cover letter is more flexible because it is better in telling your story and personality. It help you impress the recruiter better than another job seekers who don’t send cover letter.

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Cover letter format guide

Generally there are three cover letter types. It is depended to it purpose. Here is 3 types of cover letter :

  1. Application Letter, used as a respond to a known job ad or recruitment
  2. Prospecting Letter, which inquires about possible positions
  3. Networking Letter, used to request informations or assistance in job searches

In this article we will just explain the frist type. We will talk about another types in different article.

So let’s talk about the content of effective cover letter.

See this example and then let’s talk about it.

Cover Letter Example
Cover Letter Example

From the example above we can say that Cover Letter at least contains these five things:

  • Header/Contact information
  • Salutation
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Closing
Cover Letter Contents
Cover Letter Contents

Header/Contact information

This section of your cover letter is really important. Make it simple and easy to read. Don’t forget to recheck it and make sure nothing is wrong.

Header is simply tell the recruiter how to contact you. Three main contents of cover letter header is Name, Address and Phone Number/Social Media.


Cover letter is directed specifically to recruiter. As we talked before, writing this will increase our chance to be recruited.

One of the reason is we are not just giving information or facts about us using resume. But we also engage the recruiter.

From the cover letter, the recruiter is being invited to communicate with us. therefore, a good cover letter is one that can increasingly display a professional way of communicating.


In this section you have to give the recruiter a memorable impression. Make it simple and neat.

Don’t forget too make it easy to read. Try to use casual sentences.


Here in this section, you yave to tell what your resume content is. Keep it brief.

It will be better if you tell them your key achievement and how you will benefit their company.


The best tips for you is always end your cover letter with ‘call to action’. But keep it in polite way.

For the signature part, it is optional for you to include it or not.

Be sure to avoid these mistakes

Did you know some conversations will be boring and uncomfortable if dominated by one side?

It will be worse if all they are talking about is about themselves. So you understand this must be avoided.

‘How much I will get paid?’ Seriously? Do you think it is the right moment to ask the salary? NO!! Never mention it in cover letter.

For more information about the job, the right thing is you do personal research. You will get best chance to ask them when they give you QnA section on the interview.

Cover letter common mistakes
cover letter common mistakes

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